SOX, Bill 198 Compliance Documentation

Are you searching for a dependable partner to ensure your business remains compliant with SOX, Bill 198 regulations? Your search ends with Ravi and Associate CPA Ltd., serving Hope and Chilliwack, BC. Our skilled team offers comprehensive documentation services, aiding businesses of all sizes in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance effortlessly.

What is SOX?

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), a federal law responding to the accounting scandals of the early 2000s, particularly the Enron scandal, requires public companies to establish and maintain robust internal controls over financial reporting. This ensures the precision and dependability of their financial statements.

What is Bill 198?

Bill 198, also recognized as the Canadian Securities Administrators National Instrument 52-109, mandates Canadian public companies to establish and uphold effective internal controls over financial reporting. The bill’s goal is to boost transparency and accountability in financial reporting by Canadian public companies.

Our Offerings

At Ravi and Associate CPA Ltd., we recognize the significance of regulatory compliance for businesses. Our team of experts extends a spectrum of services to assist businesses in attaining and upholding compliance with SOX and Bill 198 regulations.

SOX Compliance Documentation

We provide comprehensive SOX compliance documentation services, encompassing risk assessment, internal control documentation, testing, and remediation. Our experts collaborate closely with clients to forge a personalized compliance program tailored to their specific requirements.

Bill 198 Compliance Documentation

Our team also delivers Bill 198 compliance documentation services, encompassing the creation of internal control frameworks, risk assessment, testing, and remediation. We support Canadian public companies in enhancing transparency and accountability in their financial reporting, ensuring adherence to regulatory obligations.

Compliance Program Review

We conduct reviews of compliance programs, aiding businesses in identifying gaps and implementing remedial measures. Our team collaborates intimately with clients to ensure their compliance initiatives remain current and efficacious.

Training and Education

We provide training and educational services to empower businesses in comprehending the intricacies of regulatory compliance, fostering the skills necessary to sustain adherence. Our adept team tailors customized training schemes to each business’s distinct requirements.

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At Ravi and Associate CPA Ltd., our commitment lies in assisting businesses in achieving and sustaining regulatory compliance. Reach out today to discover more about our SOX and Bill 198 compliance documentation services, and how we can support your business in staying compliant.

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